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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Uh, Hello.

Mara here:)

I just wanted to show everyone my Skully top!



This is an old picture, and my top is at my mum's house, so if your name isn't on it in the picture, it's probably on the real thing :)

~ Maraa xx

Friday, June 7, 2013

Erm...sorry Derek.

My last post was a heartfelt message.

This one... not so much.

Sorry, Derek, but I must have my revenge. For Kenspeckle. And Bliss. And everything else.

P.S. Luci, I don't know if you've already put this together, so if you have that's okay, hopefully Derek will log into his Twitter sometime :)

Dau :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

El Dereko! - Dau

Hello! It's Dau here! I spent around an hour coming up with what I wanted to say to Derek (which is more important, SP or exams? obviously SP!). Erm. So here is my...thing.

My message to Derek:
The last six years of my life have been completely awesome. Ever since I got the first SP book for my birthday, my life has been changed. Your books are what gave me a passion to read. That passion later developed into a passion for writing. Then I also got hooked on drawing. It is because of you, o Golden God, that I am who I am today. Your books have been with me through tough times – new schools, leaving friends, bombs (yes, bombs), awkward teenage years, and just general loneliness. And don’t even get me started on Blogland. You have created a haven for everybody and anybody who needs to obsess over anything, and Blogland is one of my favourite places in the world. My dream is that one day I will meet you; you will sign all of my books, and give me permission to live in your house with your cats and dogs (but especially your cats). But until then, I will continue to faithfully read your books, write fan fiction, draw fan art, and stalk you like crazy on Twitter until you reply to me (hinthint).

*EDIT* - Yay, you already replied to me! :)

(My mother tried to convince me that passion was different from obsession, but she can’t blame me, because she’s the one who bought me the first book [thank you Mum!])
Aaaand here's my drawings and stuff :)


(Sorry about the shading on Skulduggery, I did the skull but then got bored with the suit and hat)
Also, please accept my offering of huggles and virtual chocolate J


Dau (daughterofmyworld)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

June or September?

So, most of you should know that in June I am going to the Leeds Skulduggery Pleasant event to meet Derek Landy (finally) and I may be going to the York signing the day after that, too! Because York is only an hour away from where I live.

I have to say, I squealed a few times after realising I could possibly go see Derek twice in two days. It made me insanely happy. It really did.

So, I have to ask, are we going to finish Gift for the Golden God for June 14th/15th or are we going to finish it by September, in the hopes that there'll be a signing in September that I can go to?

It's up to you all! It'd be nice to know in the next fortnight, though! Because I've got a week off coming up, which I could use to put everything together and stuff, so... Decide!


Now have a picture of the Golden God because he's so precious and I need to plan out what else I'm getting him for Leeds and (possibly) York! Man, I'm really excited!

Also, if any of you guys are going to Leeds or York please let me know! It'd be amazing to meet you all, it really would! Plus, I can buy you Skittles!

Thank you all!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Uh, hey.

Derek is one of the funniest people I know- take this picture, for example. Mum was about to take a lovely picture but no, Derek has to go and make me laugh so I look demented... xD

I'll go now. 

Wait, still here...

I'll leave you with one more picture. 


Saturday, January 26, 2013