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Saturday, June 1, 2013

El Dereko! - Dau

Hello! It's Dau here! I spent around an hour coming up with what I wanted to say to Derek (which is more important, SP or exams? obviously SP!). Erm. So here is my...thing.

My message to Derek:
The last six years of my life have been completely awesome. Ever since I got the first SP book for my birthday, my life has been changed. Your books are what gave me a passion to read. That passion later developed into a passion for writing. Then I also got hooked on drawing. It is because of you, o Golden God, that I am who I am today. Your books have been with me through tough times – new schools, leaving friends, bombs (yes, bombs), awkward teenage years, and just general loneliness. And don’t even get me started on Blogland. You have created a haven for everybody and anybody who needs to obsess over anything, and Blogland is one of my favourite places in the world. My dream is that one day I will meet you; you will sign all of my books, and give me permission to live in your house with your cats and dogs (but especially your cats). But until then, I will continue to faithfully read your books, write fan fiction, draw fan art, and stalk you like crazy on Twitter until you reply to me (hinthint).

*EDIT* - Yay, you already replied to me! :)

(My mother tried to convince me that passion was different from obsession, but she can’t blame me, because she’s the one who bought me the first book [thank you Mum!])
Aaaand here's my drawings and stuff :)


(Sorry about the shading on Skulduggery, I did the skull but then got bored with the suit and hat)
Also, please accept my offering of huggles and virtual chocolate J


Dau (daughterofmyworld)

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