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Thursday, December 6, 2012

E-mail I sent round...

"So, 2013 is quickly approaching and GGG is still no-where! And I think that I might be able to go to a signing next year...! There's a much higher chance than there ever has been before, so GGG really needs to be done by the time I get back from America next Summer. And, in order for it to be complete, we need to make sure we start now. Since we've hardly anything, we need to get as much done as we can now.
I know I'm asking of a lot, y'know with exams and stuff. But, maybe if we can get at least one thing up on the blog a fortnight?
We've already got a cover, which is amazing! Thank you, Zath! You're brilliant!
I might not be able to print it all out, so I was thinking should I just, like, put it on a memory stick? 'Cause then it's all here and backed up and stuff...But if you're against that idea I can print things out. Just not all at one time. And if anyone makes anything that they want putting into it, or have anything handwritten or anything like that, e-mail me and let me know and I will give you my address - no matter what country you're in! So we can get tons done, for this.
If you've got any pictures with Derek, any edits, fan-fiction, Head Canons, Letters to Derek, pictures for Derek, video clips, songs...Anything. It'll all go in! All of it!
Here's the link to the blog:
If you're not a member but want to be please reply to this e-mail! And pass this message onto other Skuttlebugs, please! I'll be posting on my pages, messaging people on Facebook, talking to people on the chats etc. We're going all out on this one!

You can all contribute to the GGG, even if it's only a message to Derek or just your favourite quote. Anything and everything is good! Thank you, all.
I apologize for any spamming of your inbox and I take all the blame for it. Thank you."

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  1. plz could u put me in the blog? my email is I'm not sure what I'd do but I could do something. Thanks!