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Monday, May 14, 2012

My Message To Merek. I mean Derek. Landy.

Derek, I would just like to say that Skulduggery Pleasant has changed my life! For some reason, as soon as I finished the first book - LOVED it - and then I just suddenly had a purpose. Not an actual thing, but I knew I wasnt just part of world. I was THERE. I EXISTED. And I was ANNOYING. It's been all ups and downs since then, rather than just a straight boring line. That was 2010. I was ten or eleven. Look where i am now! Here! Uh... I'm trying to say that I have a place now! I have made myself a personality! And it's all thanks to you! I looooooooove Skduggery Pleasant!! Like, LOVE it. I'm, like, an SP Fanatic, and that is NOT obsession, by the way... Nothing will ever change that, and if it tries to, I will kill it with various kitchen utensils. You are my idol, Derek! And you are the best writer EVER. That is the undeniable truth! (I had to say that, even though you probably don't deny it anyway :D) From Eve, the Australiminion with the funny accent. :)


  1. =-) I agree. See you on THe Golden God's blog! hey- that rhymes!


  3. Just my little thank you to Derek. XD

    Can't wait to see the rest here!