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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quotey, quotey, quotes...

So...If anyone has any quotes as to what SP and Skuttlebugs/Minions mean to them, comment it here. I don't really know what to say about this quote:

'It's not a page. It's a community. It's a family. It's the only place where I feel like I belong. Anywhere else I am labelled an emo, slag, slut, freak, geek, nerd or any other label that people think is offensive. When I came to the page, I was on the brink of suicide...I've tried to commit suicide so many times, it's unreal...The only thing that was keeping me here, was you guys. Everyone in the SP community. Every time something goes wrong in my life...I just think of all you...How strong all you are and everything you've got through. How you're still smiling, now. You're still making others smile, too. Every time I get insulted, which is every day, I just think of all the nice things you've said about me, in the past...Because...After eleven years, I still can't seem to get people to stop insulting me, on a daily basis...However, talking to you guys I don't feel so alienated, so stupid, so horrible...I feel accepted, for once..Like I actually am someone. If it wasn't for you guys I would probably have committed suicide, or not have forced myself to eat, again...You guys are why I stopped self-harming and...I can't thank you enough...Seriously...' - Jordan Mangnall. (about the Skulduggery Pleasant Facebook page and Skuttlebugs).

^This was written because the page was beginning to fall and split. The admins were against the fans, for one part...Everyone seemed to have lost hope and Joe, Andrew and Nathan had made posts about the page, on the page. Le Gang (Andrew, Becky, Ellie, Joe, Jordan and Nathan) were talking about it and Jordan came forward and admitted to them how she felt and how much the page meant to her. This was later shared on the page by Andrew, after asking her permission of course, and everything seemed to have settled down - from what we can gather, anyway...Anyway, this is just to show you how much Skulduggery means to us. Without the books none of the Skuttlebugs would have talked. Without Skulduggery Pleasant maybe some of these Skuttlebugs wouldn't be here, today...I doubt I would, to be honest....

A quote from Luciana (me) only because Rim told me to...
'Without Skulduggery Pleasant my life would be so much emptier. Without Skulduggery Pleasant I would have gone through with the suicide, I would have had nothing to live for. Skulduggery Pleasant and all of the amazing people I talk to every day are what give me purpose, give me a reason to smile and live my life. If it wasn't for all of the Skuttlebugs I talk to I would either be dead, dying through starvation (anorexia, for those of you who didn't know) or still be self-harming...It takes a lot for me to talk about this, but I am in an emotional mood and I think that everyone should know how important Skulduggery is to me. SP was my first inspiration to write - I even got an A* in creative writing, for my GCSE! Writing is a huge part of my life, now, just as reading is...Skulduggery Pleasant helps me to get away from my life, away from the conflict I face every day...When reading SP, or talking to someone in the fandom I finally get away from my brother...I have to put up with him at home and at school, because he's autistic I can't handle him...I just want to scream...Then there's school, itself...I get pushed to be 'great' and because I am apparently 'gifted and talented' everyone expects great things from me, but reading SP makes me realise that there's more to pleasing everyone. You don't have to be what everyone expects of you, the future isn't what you think it will be, it CAN be changed. You can fix any mistakes you've made, and when you can't you can always learn from them and make it better. It made me realise what is important in life...Friendship. It's not about being popular or famous or pretty or intelligent, it's about being yourself because you is all anyone can ask for and if they ask for anymore then they're stupid! Skulduggery Pleasant has taught me so much, these past years...Every time I have a worse day than normal or I get put down even more I just lock myself in my room and read SP and just disappear into this fantasy world where everything seems better...Or talk to a Skuttlebug and they just know what to say, they're always there for you...

I wouldn't have made it through these past few years if it wasn't for Skulduggery Pleasant and I owe it my everything! <3 And if it wasn't for Tom I wouldn't have chosen SP over the Black Book Of Secrets, it was the best choice I ever made and I don't regret it in the slightest. Thank you everyone, I love you more than you could ever understand. <3'
I don't think it's that good...But...Mreh...

If you have anymore quotes similar to these, or just about SP then please comment them below. :') Thanks, guys. xx


  1. Can I post my own thing, like Eve did?

    1. Yeah, sure. You can post anything you like, here! :') If you've got any questions just e-mail me:


  2. I don't know what a Skuttlebug is but I love your message!

    1. Skuttlebug is another word for Minion, basically.

      And thanks. I should have thought about it more, it'd be better, then. :)

  3. My Golden God... Nothing to say to that, really. But great comments. Well done for the A*, Luciana! You deserve it.

    1. Nothing to say to what? There are two...One from me and one from Jordan, haha.

      And thanks, Stella. :)

    2. Nothing to say for both of them, really... But really good quote, Luciana!

    3. Is that good or bad, then?
      And, why thank you, my dear! :)