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Friday, June 1, 2012

Fanfic... Actually, fanart. :P

Hello, everyone. I would write a fanfic, as I think I am getting quite good at writing them now (EGO ALERT) but Luce has already started a wonderful fanfic, I wouldn't want to interrupt by adding mine. So, I was thinking about uploading one of my many terrible drawings. :L But I want to create a new character. I have many, MANY ideas for what to draw. AND I have planned out what the background will be like but then I thought... Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but I stopped and thought. No wonder my darwings are always so bad when I have nothing to base them on.... I should let you guys make up a character, meaning the apperance and personality, and I'll ATTEMPT to draw that character.

Either comment your ideas here or send it to my e-mail - I check my e-mail more than this blog. :L

Okay then, fellow peoples. G'bye for now.
OH. AND DON'T FORGET TO ENTER DEREK'S COMPETITION BEFORE THE 10TH. - Hannah the not so awesome blogger. (My new name for here. :P)


  1. Uh... that's my story... my fan-fic...

  2. Oh sorry... You're really good, by the way. Sorry about getting mixed up, I'm crazy, you see. REALLY SORRY, NIXON.
    You're my friend. *nods and hands a cookie to apologise*

  3. Maybe do an evil character, like one with bow and arrows, a necromancer and his magic is in the bow and arrows. He's brave FOR A NECROMANCER, and (obviously) likes to wear black.
    Oh, on a different topic, I HAVE A BLOG!!! =-)))

  4. Oh, and 'pinch punch the 1st of the month and no returns' and 'white rabbit'! =-)

  5. I do have a fanfiction that I've uploaded - I've got a few...But...I am not supposed to be here, I left. But, I am here to clear up the fact that Nix is the awesome author of the continual fan-fiction. ^_^

    Bye, again.

    1. Can I please join? I'll do my email again